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Color: Blue six lights

Blue six lights
Red six lights
Set of 2 (2xBlue six lights)
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We know that you love your dog more than anything and only want to offer them the best. That's why we would like to introduce you to the Magic Dog Ball – the toy that will delight your furry friend and encourage them to play and exercise!

Our magical dog ball is the perfect toy for every dog owner and their furry companion! Thanks to its innovative design, it can be compressed into a disk and magically springs back into its original shape when thrown. It's a true marvel of technology!

The sturdy and durable ball can be easily compressed with gentle force. Folding the ball makes it easy to transport, taking up very little space in your luggage. Perfect for your next walk, vacation, or spontaneous trip to the park. 

Whether in the park, woods, or field, your dog will love the ball and enjoy spending time with you and their new toy. The brightly colored ball is easy to see, making it impossible to lose in the woods or tall grass.

The magic dog ball encourages movement and helps keep your furry friend fit and healthy. It provides hours of fun and promotes your pet's physical and mental well-being. No wonder your beloved dog wags their tail with excitement at the sight of the ball.

Bring joy to your furry friend's eyes with the magical dog ball and experience unforgettable play and exercise sessions full of fun and adventure with your loyal companion.

Your furry friend will thank you. ❤

  • Robust and durable
  • Magical shape change
  • Unique play fun
  • Promotes fun and activity

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